Pollutant Release and Transfer Register - Turkey (PRTR-Turkey)
Pollutant Release and Transfer Register - Turkey (PRTR-Turkey)
Project Overview

Overall objective
The overall objective of the project is as follows:
To improve the industrial pollution control by enhancing environmental conditions, monitoring and registering industrial pollution in Turkey.

The purposes of this project are as follows:
• Strengthening of the institutional and technical capacity on the implementation of E-PRTR,
• Transposition of the Regulation (EC) No 166/2006 on European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register.

Results to be achieved
The expected results to be achieved through implementation of this assignment are as follows
• Result 1: National E-PRTR system is established.
• Result 2: Institutional, individual and technical capacities for Competent Authorities and priority groups are increased.
• Result 3: Awareness of priority groups and decision makers are raised.

Description of Assignment
The goal of the project "Capacity Building on E-PRTR in Turkey" is the achievement of strengthened institutional mechanisms and human resources, as well as a complete technical infrastructure in place, in order to establish the national PRTR system compatible with the E-PRTR. The project will be complemented by a supply component, subject to a different contract.

By legislation perspective shall be noticed the lack of specific regulation supporting the setting up of the PRTR; thus are affected the establishment of the necessary arrangements inside the beneficiary organisations that need to be adapted to the workload involved, the data flow structure that needs to cope with the PRTR requirements, as well as the response of the industries for information sharing and public access to information.

These aspects need a thorough assessment for a sound resolve, in this view the project asking for a complex approach at manifold levels:

- legal approach
- strategic approach
- technical approach
- human resources
- awareness raising for industries and civil society/interested public

The assignment will be to review the diagnosed deficiencies and bottlenecks in the institutional development, and assist the MoEU in identifying and implementing the institutional and the specific infrastructure improvements, making full use of the resources already in place (e.g. sectorial legislation, reporting matrices, existing databases etc.), assist the MoEU in increasing the human resources capabilities in PRTR field, both for the Beneficiary and the stakeholders, as well as to develop and manage training and skills development actions, and disseminate project results, findings and recommendations on all other technical and institutional improvements.

Center finance and contracts unit

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